Nightlife in Lanzarote – Life Framer competition

In February Life Framer competition, judged by French contemporary art photographer Christophe Jacrot, asked all the creative photographers to share images inspired by the night – in a literal or abstract way.

I decided to reveal what I experienced in Lanzarote in 2011. For some people, nightlife is exciting and sparkling. For others, nightlife can be dark and frightening. The one I experienced there was a combination of all of that. 

Taking pictures by night in the remote volcanic country, I lost my way.  The moon was full and the weather turned freezing and windy. I got cold and sick and scared for my survival. Behind a bush, I found a gap between 2 massive black rocks. Unexpectedly a little cave hid there. I quickly entered in to save my life. After a moment they appeared. 1, 2, 3 and then 10, fluttering around, clearly delighted to gather. Then they calmed down and began a sophisticated game.  Because I couldn’t get the rules, I fell asleep. 

Silly me, now I have no clue who won the dance!